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The nature of computerized ticketing has changed dramatically since we invented the thermal ticket printer in 1985. We continue to put extensive resources into developing new products to meet your current needs as well as your future requirement. Our constant drive to provide you with the best possible products has resulted in one patent in printer technology and another patent in printing technology. These advances allow us to manufacture both tickets and printers with exclusive features and capabilities only available from BOCA.

The direct thermal technology, used in our Lemur printers, provides the most reliable, cost effective printing solution while eliminating the need for ink, toner and ribbons. Bar codes and graphics are supported at maximum print speeds exceeding 10 inches per second. Premium options such as Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and RFID encoding are available on all models. While our printers are used extensively in all sorts of ticketing applications, they are well suited for printing labels, ID tags, receipts and other on-demand applications.

All BOCA tickets are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our printers. We use the highest quality papers and inks, while guaranteeing their compatibility with our printers. Additionally, we provide free print head replacements for any printer exclusively using BOCA tickets.

As a valued BOCA customer, you will benefit from our unique position as a manufacturer of both ticket printers and ticket stock. Our engineering teams are structured to pursue advances in both product lines while maintaining critical compatibility along the way. BOCA’s staff of sales associates, technical specialists and graphic artists are available to assist in making your ticketing solution a success.



We feel that all businesses have the responsibility of doing their part to protect and maintain the earth’s environment. We regularly evaluate the latest technologies for ways to reduce both our energy usage and our total impact on the environment. This philosophy extends to all aspects of our business as we are constantly adapting our products and procedures in the interest of operating in the most environmentally friendly manner.

All of our printing plates are manufactured in house with the latest digital, chemical free process. Our plates are laser-etched, thereby, eliminating the hazardous chemical solvents frequently used in the printing plate manufacturing process.

BOCA uses water-based and UV LED, flexographic inks to minimize the environmental impact.

We have received both SFI® and FSC® certification, which demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are independent environmental organizations that create guidelines to ensure the perpetual growth and harvesting of trees while assuring the protection of wildlife, plants, soil, water and air quality.

Other Considerations
It should be noted that a quality thermal paper requires a very smooth printing surface. The short fibers inherent in recycled paper create a bumpy printing surface. A significant amount of energy is required in order to provide recycled paper with the smoothness necessary for thermal printing. The environmental impact of the added energy overshadows the limited environmental advantage from using recycled paper.

Printing Process
We have upgraded many of our presses to use high speed, compressed air at low temperatures in place of hot air dryers. The lower temperatures reduce the total energy consumption of our printing process. Additionally, we have invested in improved technology and processes to reduce our waste percentages by almost 50% over the past five years. The reduced use of materials (paper, ink, foil) produces a corresponding reduction in the energy needed to produce the tickets.

All of our paper-based and synthetic tickets are recyclable. Any waste from these materials is collected and recycled locally.

All of our printers have been designed to earn the ENERGY STAR qualification. Additionally, all new products are designed from the perspective of minimizing the environmental impact of the product both in the manufacturing process and throughout the lifetime of the printer.



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