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Quality Control/On Press Specifications

Every ticket printed by BOCA is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. In addition to guaranteeing that your tickets are compatible with our printers, we verify that your tickets adhere to the mechanical and color specifications defined by the pdf proof and the press proof. (In the event of a re-order, the previously printed ticket will be used in place of the press proof.) Prior to printing your tickets, quality control will inspect the tickets in accordance with the following guidelines in order to insure that you receive the exact ticket that you have ordered. Quality control will periodically spot check the tickets throughout the course of the production run to insure that the tickets remain within the required specifications.

Color accuracy is measured with a color densitometer. For process jobs, a relatively dark region containing all four colors is selected for measurement. For spot color jobs, one or more spot colors, at the discretion of quality control, is chosen for measurement. As a certain amount of color variation is expected to occur throughout the course of the production run, we have established different maximum tolerance levels for both before and during the production run.

Color Tolerance


On Press Specifications