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- BOCA provides free technical support via email for all printers under warranty or service contracts.  (Phone support may be provided for covered printers at BOCA's sole discretion as needed.)   Email support for non-warranty/non-contract printers is billable at $100.00 per incident.  However, BOCA may (at its sole discretion) choose to waive this fee for customers in good standing.  Phone support for non-warranty/non-contract printers will be billed at a rate of $100.00/hour for Level 1 support and $200.00/hour for Level 2 support.   Billing time will be rounded up to the nearest hour.  A valid credit card number is required for phone support payments.


All repairs will be billed according to the following flat rate schedule. These prices assume the presence of all parts. All missing parts will be invoiced individually. The print head is excluded from the flat rate pricing and will be billed as a separate item in addition to the repair cost. (Printers under warranty or on maintenance plans are excluded from the price schedule.)

Printer Model Price (current models) Price (old models)
Lemur-X, Lemur-Z $160.00 **  
Lemur-C, Lemur-R $160.00 **  
Lemur, Lemur-K, Plastic Lemur-S $200.00 **  
Lemur-2P, Lemur-2 or Lemur-2K $300.00 **  
Lemur-M or Lemur-MK $360.00 **  
Metal Lemur-S
- $360.00
(X/Sub) MICRO (plus) - $400.00
DUAL MICRO - $500.00
(X/Sub) MINI (plus) - $600.00
XATM or SubATM - $600.00
MAG PRINTERS - $620.00
LOGIC BOARD REPAIR, ONLY $200.00 $400.00
Any (no problem found) $75.00 $75.00
Box Charge $25.00 To be invoiced on any printer requiring a new box

NOTE:  Lemur series printers are considered to be "current models."  All other printers are considered to be old models
** $100.00 premium per cutter

There will be a $75.00 evaluation charge assessed on any printer or logic board returned for which we are unable to duplicate the failure. This fee also applies to printer or logic board that is not able to be repaired. This charge will be creditable to future repair work performed on the evaluated printer. All prices are FOB Boca Raton.

Printer return procedure

The printer should be returned to BOCA for repair (freight prepaid) in its original box and packing material.  Please enclose a completed repair form (see below) with each printer. Failure to do so will delay the repair.  Payment by credit card (visa, master card, amex) is preferred.  Payment on open account is acceptable with customers maintaining active, current account status.

Printer Repair Form`

Please return the printer to the following address:

Boca Systems, Inc
1065 South Rogers Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Attn: Printer Repair Dept.

Phone: (561) 998-9600
Fax: (561) 998-9609

The standard printer or logic board repair time is approximately seventeen business days. We offer accelerated repair service (five business days) for a $60 rush charge.

PRINTER UPGRADES/CONVERSIONS – BOCA suggests that all conversions be handled in the following manner.

  • Send a representative printer to BOCA for analysis

  • BOCA will analyze and modify the printer, if possible, in accordance with the customer’s request.

  • The customer will be charged as follows for the analysis/conversion

    • Analysis only (conversion not possible) - $100.00

    • Analysis + Conversion - $500.00 plus parts

  • BOCA will return the printer to the customer

  • Customer will test the printer in the new environment

  • Should the customer find the printer to be acceptable, they can order the replacement parts

NOTE:  The above procedure is only valid for printers with identical configurations.  Should the customer possess a number of different models needing similar conversions, the above process must be repeated for each printer model.




Repair Prices